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US Drought Information
US and Canada Weather Information

From historical data through recent statistics, here are links to websites to help you understand what’s happening with the weather.

North American Drought Information


Thanks to a cooperative effort between drought experts in Canada, Mexico and the United States to monitor drought across the continent on an ongoing basis, the North American Drought Monitor (NA-DM) is now available at the above link. The NA-DM project is part of a larger effort to improve the monitoring of climate extremes on the continent. The maps are based on the highly successful U.S. Drought Monitor (US-DM), and as such, are being developed to provide an ongoing comprehensive and integrated assessment of drought throughout all three countries. Monthly Drought Monitor maps are available to the public using the link shown above, and then selecting the Maps option, followed by the month.

US (Only) Drought and Historical Weather Information


The USDA/NOAA website is one website you may find useful to find out more about the US drought situation. At this site, you will find good information, including a US map designating the severity of the drought by state. To keep it current, USDA/NOAA updates the map each Thursday based on input received from participating professionals, so you may want to check back to see if the forecast for your region has been modified.


If you are interested in today’s agricultural weather highlights, this link will take you to the information you need. The site is maintained by the Joint Agricultural Weather Facility (JAWF). There is some global information available from this site, including maps. Data is updated Wednesdays by 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.


This link takes you to the US Climate At A Glance. For a retrospective look at both temperature and precipitation, this link is quite useful. From this website, you can review weather information on a national or regional basis, as well as get an overview of historical data by state and for certain cities. The city data includes precipitation and temperature from the earliest record through the present.

US (Only) Drought and Historical Weather Information


This link takes you to climate information including temperature and precipitation for Canadian provinces. There are 1480 stations with climate normals in Canada. From this website, it is possible to search by station or province to find the recent information or historical trends you need.