Wild Bird Feeding Industry
Understanding our Membership Structure
WBFI members are classified by the WBFI Membership Committee based on the type of backyard wild bird feeding activities from which the business receives more than 50% of its wild bird feeding business revenue:

Packer: One who, using material from processors and others, packages, with or without mixing, materials such as wild bird seed in containers for ultimates sale to consumers.

Processor: Country elevator or others who perform cleaning and other conditioning of seed and provide it to Packers and do not engage in the business of a Packer.

Distributor: One whose activity in the wild bird products industry consists of negotiating or acting as agent for Packers, Processors, Distributors, Feeder/Accessories, and Retailers, but does not meet any of those definitions. Brokers are considered to be Distributors.

Feeder/Accessories: One who produces or introduces for sale any product related to wild birds, backyard wildlife feeding or backyard habitat enhancement, other than wild bird feed, for ultimate sale to consumers.

Retailer: One who sells products of Packers or Feeder/Accessories to consumers.

Associate: One who provides products or services to persons engaged in the business. Non-voting status. Examples of Associate members include transportation companies and packaging manufacturers.

It is possible that a company may have more than one business activity in the wild bird feeding arena. For instance, a company may package for the consumer and also distribute. The guidance is the business activity (packaging or distributing) that provides more than 50% of its wild bird feeding revenue.

Another example is a company that is involved in wild bird feed packaging and pet food manufacturing. WBFI dues are based on the wild bird feeding portion of the business only, not on the whole business.

The second area of classification for WBFI membership is the geographic coverage of the business. By this we mean the number of US states and Canadian provinces in which the company's products are found or to which the company sends invoices for products.The Membership Committee will ask you for this information based on these parameters:

Local: Doing business in only 1 state or province
Regional: Doing business in 2 to 6 states and provinces
Multi-Regional: Doing business in 7 to 35 states and provinces
National/International: Doing business in 36 and more states and provinces or company heaquartered outside of North America.=

To continue the example from above, if a company is involved in providing packaged wild bird feed to consumers in 6 states and provinces, that company is classified as a Packer/Regional member of the WBFI.

In our second example, the company that sells packaged wild bird feed and manufactures pet food is classified based on the number of states and provinces in which its packages of wild bird feed are sold. This may be more or fewer than the number of states and provinces in which its pet food products are found.

For questions you have about your business, please contact WBFI Headquarters at 888-839-1237 or via email.
To apply for WBFI membership, go to our online application form now. Once your application information is received at headquarters, you will be contacted by headquarters to verify your geographic coverage prior to the Membership Committee assigning a membership category for your business. We make every effort to help you get into our membership within 7 days following our receipt of your completed membership information.