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Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Proposed Rules, June 17, 2002

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June 18, 2002
2002, Number 15

Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approves emergency rules addressing chronic wasting disease in white-tailed deer.

On June 25, the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approved in a 6-1 vote emergency rules addressing chronic wasting disease (CWD) in white-tailed deer in western Dane and eastern Iowa counties.

The emergency rules from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) include establishment of a liberal hunting season in the Chronic Wasting Disease Management Area and a statewide ban on baiting and feeding of deer. Feeding of wild birds and small mammals has not been interrupted by this action as long as the feed is inaccessible to deer. Details relating to wild bird feeding found in Section 37. NR 19.60 specifically do not prohibit:

Material placed solely for the purpose of attracting and feeding wild birds and small mammals when placed inbird feeding devices and structures at a sufficient height or design to prevent access by deer and only when the structures and devices are no further than 50 yards from a dwelling devoted to human occupancy. If the department determines that wild deer are utilizing bird feeding devices or structures, the devices or structures shall be enclosed or elevated higher to prevent access by deer.

For more information, we invite you to visit the Wisconsin DNR Web page: http://www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/caer/ce/news/rbnews/2002/020625co.htm