Wild Bird Feeding Industry
Members Standards for the Industry
WBFI Standards Committee includes these WBFI Members:
Karen Burns, ETO Sterilization, Standards Committee Co-Chair
Dave Netten, All Seasons Wild Bird Store, Standards Committee Co-Chair
Ken Johnson, D&D Commodities Ltd.
Mike Dunn, Duncraft
Crystal Hiatt, Hiatt Mfg.

WBFI thanks these individuals and the others who served on WBFI standards workgroups. We appreciate their time and dedication to the industry!

Overall Objective of WBFI Quality Standards Program:
To help consumers have a good experience so they continue to feed wild birds.

As an industry member, your business will be impacted by WBFI Standards in the future. Those companies that adhere to industry standards generally see an increase in business as consumer recognition of the standards increases because consumers want to know the quality of a product they are buying. Your involvement in and your use of the WBFI Quality Standards program stands to be a win-win for your company!

The WBFI Quality Standards Program is a voluntary standards program. You are responsible and accountable for ensuring that the product you sell that shows the WBFI Quality Standards logo meets the standard

Seed Products in the WBFI Quality Standards Program

WBFI pays close attention to and follows the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials www.aafco.org) standards when available. In addition, WBFI is represented as an industry advisor on the Model Bill & Regulatory Committee and on the Feed Definitions Committee.This working relationship with the control officials helps WBFI stay in touch with issues that have the potential to impact the industry and your business.

More definitions are in development now, and these, too, will be submitted to the membership for consideration prior to adoption by the WBFI. Standards for Suet products, Nectars, and Fruits remain in development.

Mixed Products: When all the seeds in the mix meet the WBFI Quality Standard, then the mix meets the industry standard and the Standards logo may be used on the product.
Review the list of WBFI Members enrolled in the WBFI Quality Standards Program
Seed Definitions, allergen statement, and view the unique logo for use on packaging: As a Participant (Packager or Processor), these are the definitions of the quality standards your product is expected to meet in order for your company to use the logo on packages. As a Supporter (Distributor, Retailer, or Associate), your company supports the program concept and the standards that the Packagers and Processors have agreed to.
Waste Free or No-Waste Products standards are available here
Seed product labeling information and requirements for product packages bearing the WBFI Quality Standards Program logo

Feeder Products in the WBFI Quality Standards Program

As a Participant (Feeder Manufacturer), these are the quality standards your product is expected to meet in order for your company to use the logo on packages. We understand you may have products that do not meet these standards. Simply do not use the logo on those packages. It is not necessary for every bird feeder you manufacture to meet these standards in order for you to participate in the WBFI Quality Standards Program. As a Supporter (Distributor, Retailer, or Associate), your company supports the program concept and the standards that the Feeder Manufacturers have agreed to.

1. Feeder or Package must include labeling appropriate for the birds that will use the feeder and the recommended ingredients.
2. Seed feeders must have a minimum 1-1/2” diameter refilling port.
3. Hanging devices must be made from metal such as wire, chain, or cable and must be securely attached.
4. Seed flows appropriately for recommended ingredients.
5. Cleanable; instructions for care and use must be included.
6. Drainage system suitable to the feeder type.

Standards for bird houses, bird baths and accessories remain to be developed.

How to enroll in WBFI Quality Standards Program work

1. Review and sign either the Participant agreement or the Supporter agreement
2. Return it to WBFI Headquarters by fax or scan to e-mail to shays@wbfi.org
3. Pay the $100 annual fee
4. As soon as the fee is paid, the logos will be sent to your company contact by e-mail

Your participation in the program renews annually on July 1 with your annual WBFI membership renewal invoice. You will see a line item on your invoice to renew your participation and support of this valuable WBFI member program, and you may pay by check or credit card.

Bird Preference Charts to Download

The Bird Preference Chart for North America using colors to demonstrate preferences for feed and feeders is available at this link
Bird Preference Chart for North America using numbers to show preferences for feed and feeders is at this link.

Standards for Suet Products, Fruits, Natural Foods, Mealworms, and Other Products

Definitions of suet products, fruits, natural foods, mealworms and other products have yet to be developed by the Standards Committee. Every effort is made to include companies who deal in these specialty areas regardless of WBFI membership.

Allergen Statement

Development of the WBFI Seed Definitions has been a good time to provide to WBFI Members and the industry the FDA required information regarding the possible existence of allergens in packaged products. WBFI developed the following Allergen Statement, which should be used on all applicable packaging:

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: The ingredient label on this product accurately reflects the contents of this package added by design. This product is processed, packaged and/or stored in facilities that also may process, package and/or store peanuts, tree nuts of all types, wheat, eggs, milk products and soy and thus may also contain particles of one or more of those ingredients.

How the WBFI Quality Standards Program evolved

It took many years to bring the WBFI Quality Standards Program to readiness. Read the history here.

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