Wild Bird Feeding Industry
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Seed Product Labeling information and requirements for products packages bearing the WBFI Quality Standards Program logo

• All ingredients must be listed and in order of preponderance in the ingredient section.

• The ingredient statement must identify each ingredient specifically. No groupings such as “grain products” or “mixed nuts,” etc.

• The birds pictured or highlighted on the package label must be the birds that this product will attract and that the consumer can reasonably expect to see at their feeders.

• If a preference chart is used, the WBFI Bird Preference Chart must be shown, including, at a minimum, any bird species highlighted or shown on the package and all ingredients on the chart.

• If there is a brochure, web site, or other POS material, those items must conform exactly to the label and its guarantees and wording.

• All ingredients must meet established WBFI Seed Definitions.

• The label must meet all current AAFCO and governmental guidelines.

Bird Preference Chart

PROJECT WILDBIRD® citizen scientists report that one important part of the hobby of backyard wild bird feeding is that the bird eats the feed. Analysis of the data shows that there is a correlation between the feed and the style of bird feeder used to attract bird species to the back yard.

WBFI demonstrates these preferences of feed and feeder in its Bird Preference Chart. This chart will change as new information is learned. This chart may be used on packaging as noted above in the labeling requirements.
The packaging chart was updated on May 27, 2011. The new chart reflects the findings from PROJECT WILDBIRD®.