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On Monday, February 25, 2008, WBFI will present written testimony on the proposed rules for Oregon House Bill 2289 (HB2289). This legislation was passed by the Oregon legislature in 2007 and became law in June of last year. Click here to review the testimony

Your Noxious Weed Seed Committee has been involved in the development of the rules for HB2289. The proposed rules are:

Proposed: OAR 603-058-032 Adulterants

(1) Wild Bird Feed. Pursuant to ORS 633.045(7) a person may not sell or otherwise distribute wild bird feed containing viable noxious weed seeds that exceed the amounts stated in this rule.

(2) “Wild bird feed” is defined in ORS 633.006(20).

(3) Wild bird feed sold or distributed to the final consumer shall contain:
(a)No viable prohibited noxious weed seed listed in OAR 603-056-0205 (1) Prohibited noxious weed seeds.
(b)No more viable restricted noxious weed seed than the maximum allowable number of seeds per pound specified by species in OAR 603-056-0205 (2) Restricted noxious weed seeds.

To review the current prohibited and restricted noxious weed seeds lists for the state of Oregon, please click here. This document pulls together all of the regulations referenced in the proposed rules shown above.

If you currently sell commercial feed or bird feed in Oregon, your may need to register your product. Click here to review the provisions of this amendment to the Oregon commercial feed law.

WBFI will keep you informed of further developments on this issue.

What is happening in your state or province?
If your state or provincial government is considering similar legislation or changes to the restricted or prohibited noxious weed seed lists, please let WBFI hear from you! Many states are watching the Oregon rulemaking.