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Networking - Acumen - Advantage
These are just a few of the reasons why people who serve on Boards of Directors and Committees know more about the issues, the people, and the benefits. Join a WBFI committee today. Your future will be glad you did!

Click here to review the current Committees roster.

For more information and to join a committee, contact Headquarters
or the respective committee chair.
Event Planning Committee
Chair: Karen Burns
Email: kburns@cosmedgroup.com

Without these dedicated people, the WBFI meetings would be pretty ordinary. If you like to work with groups, destination planning, and the challenges of topics and speakers, this is the committee for you!

Download the Event Planning Committee responsibilities here.
Pulse of the Industry Committee
Co-Chairs: Rob Mann and Craig Brummell
Emails: rob@allstartrading.com and craig.brummell@topcrop.ca

One of the biggest challenges to our businesses is to keep tabs on what's happening and how it will affect our business. This committee does just that. Through conference calls, these people, representing multiple membership categories, discuss the issues and events that may - or may not - affect us. If you're ready to keep tabs on what's happening, this may be a good fit for you!
Membership Committee
Chair: Craig Brummell
Email: craig.brummell@topcrop.ca

Without you, our members, WBFI wouldn't exist. Recruiting new members and verifying membership applications is what this Committee is all about. Conference calls are the norm for this group. If you believe in the WBFI and what we do, and you are talking to businesses that would make good WBFI members, this may be a good fit for you!
Regulatory Committee
Chair: Karen Burns
Email: kburns@cosmedgroup.com

There are those among us who monitor state, provincial, and federal legislative issues every day. If you are one of these people, this is the committee for you! This is the committee that is monitoring the FSMA regulations development. Conference calls are the norm for this group. Are you interested?
Standards Committee
Co-Chairs: Karen Burns and Dave Netten
Emails: kburns@cosmedgroup.com and dave@wildbirdstore.net

Through the foresight of our Board members in 2005, WBFI has developed and adopted quality standards for wild bird feed and wild bird feeders. This committee monitors our definitions and makes recommendations for additional definitions or updates to existing definitions from time to time. Conference calls are the norm for this group. If you monitor to the quality aspects of your products, you're a good fit for this committee. Shall we add your name?
WBFI Research Foundation
Board of Trustees
Foundation Liaison: Dave Whitley
Email: dwhitley@ghfoods.com

From the My Birdz consumer education campaign to the consumer market research and the scientific research studies on wild bird feeding, the Trustees have a different perspective on the business and what's happening. You can expand your information when you volunteer as a Trustee!
Superior information from our General Session speakers was one of the highlights of the 2016 WBFi Annual Meeting. Pictured at left are Mike Gillen, Northern Bag & Box; Debbie Brummell, Essex Topcrop; and Donna Gillen from the Event Planning Committee, the group of WBFI members that works on the Annual Meeting and Spring Board of Directors meeting. 
What do your fellow WBFI members have to say about Alicia's presentation?
  • Extremely interesting and helpful - great speaker and presentation.
  • It is always good to see what the next step ahead of us is.
  • It is CRITICAL that we connect with the generations under the Baby Boomers to sustain our industry!
  • As we move forward, we need to understand how to feed all generations.
  • Very informative. Hit the real issues.
We don't have any slides from Alicia's presentation - she didn't use any slides. Those WBFI members who attended came away with valuable information for sales and management applications!

2016 Market research - US and canada

Download the 2016 Annual Meeting presentation of the results of this year's market research study of  US and Canadian consumers performed in September 2016. 
Need more data for your sales and marketing? Contribute $750 to the WBFI Research Foundation and receive the raw data in Excel file for the country of your choice. 1600 lines per country - US or Canada - are available.  Completely searchable and sortable using standard Excel functions! Use this form to pledge $750 to the WBFI Research Foundation today!
New in 2016! More data on:
  • Hobbies of the respondents
  • Motivation of respondents to engage in a hobby
  • Data on what will encourage a respondent to begin bird feeding
WBFI members are using this raw data to gain an understanding of:
  • Millenials and other generations 
  • Purchasing by state
  • Breakdown of products preferred
Find prior years' presentations under the Market Research tab. WBFI is building quite a library of consumer data for members!

Bird feeder hygiene, dr. todd underwood

Dr. Todd Underwood, Kutztown University, Kutztown PA joined us for the first time to review his research on bird feeder cleaning. WBFI members have access to his presentation and to his published study.
Published paper: The Efficacy of Cleaning Bird Feeders with 10% Bleach Wipes to Reduce Bacteria
Presentation: 2016 Seed Feeder Hygiene: What We Know and Where We Need to Go Presentation

2016 State of north american birds

This valuable report issued by a combined effort of the governments of the US, Canada and Mexico presents an update on our wild birds and their status was provided to each attendee in their gift bag thanks to Bird Studies Canada. If you weren't there, here are two websites for you to review:
The report evaluates the conservation status of all native North American bird species across all major habitats—nine key ecosystems. It is based on the first-ever conservation vulnerability assessment for all 1,154 native bird species that occur in Canada, the continental U.S., and Mexico, and reflects a collaboration between experts from all three countries. The overall conservation status of each species takes into account its population trend, population size, extent of breeding and nonbreeding ranges, and severity of threats to populations. 

2015  consumer market research report

WBFI Research Foundation Trustee Judy Hoysak presented the 2015 research results. Here is the link to Judy's presentation from the Friday morning general sessions.
New in this year's report are:
  • Trend line for 2013 through 2015
  • 2 sample Personnas for customers - 1 for feed, 1 for feeders/suet/seed cakes
  • Quick look at the people who don't buy wild bird feed through Personality Radar example

get the detailed consumer data!

​Zoom your consumer insights into sharp clarity when you receive the raw data in Excel and the companion presentation in recognition of your contribution of $750 to the WBFI Research Foundation.  Use the raw data to:
  • Custom design presentations for your customers
  • Develop training information for your staff and sales people
  • Understand what consumers in regions, states, or zip codes are buying - and where they are buying it
  • Much, much more!
Click Here to contribute today! You don't want to miss out on this valuable information!

FSMA final rule information

Dr. Dan McChesney, Director, FDA CVM, joined via conference line to explain how the final rule for animal feed affects the wild bird feeding industry in particular. Topics covered in this presentation include:
  • Who is covered by the rule
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP's)
  • Employee training requirement
  • Food safety plan
  • Hazard analysis
  • Preventive controls
  • Qualified facilities
  • Supply chain program (new in the final rule)
  • Supplier verification
  • Compliance dates
  • Definition of "holding"
  • Definition of "farm"
  • Exemptions
  • Retail
  • Human food by-products
This is a lot of great information all WBFI member companies can use! While some provisions are the same throughout the animal feed industry, our industry had some questions that Dr. McChesney responds to in this presentation.  Download Dr. McChesney's presentation now

Corn, soybeans, and china

Marty Ruikka, President of the ProExporter Network joined our WBFI Annual Meeting for the first time in 2015. In the presentation available at this link, you'll be treated to ProExporter Network's charts on the major commodities. Be sure to download this one today!

compare food/feeder products

Package claims of interest to you? Here's how you get the scientific data to make those claims with confidence: book your food/feeder test study at the WBFI Research Foundation International Research & Development Center at Millikin University, Decatur IL and Dr. David Horn and his staff will perform a study for you. Each blind test includes:
  • Up to 4 feed/feeder products tested simultaneously
  • Monitoring the number of bird species that visit each product during 30, 45-minute sessions
  • Total food consumption of each product measured weekly
  • Monitoring at three locations in and around Decatur IL
  • Testing completed in 6 weeks
  • Confidential written report provided only to the sponsoring company
Only 4 test studies are available! Read about the sunflower vs. seed blend study when you download the presentation at this link. Then contact Foundation Headquarters to book your study now! 

feeding wild birds in america

What did every WBFI member who attended the 2015 Annual Meeting walk away with? An autographed copy of Feeding Wild Birds in America, that's what! This decade-by-decade history of our industry makes good reading and is sure to bring some interesting discussion to your next sales conversation. Better yet? How about a copy of the book for everyone in your office. Order books from Texas A&M University Press. Follow this link to co-author Paul Baicich's presentation to the membership.

we fly together

Connections between the bird feeding industry and bird groups in the US and Canada are explored in this presentation by Steven Price, President of Bird Studies Canada. From the common audience shared by the both to a discussion of the benefits and challenges of bird feeding from his perspective, Steven's presentation brings a different, Canadian outlook to WBFI members in his presentation available at this link.

Infographic: Feed the Birds! It helps them too!

NEW! Download it now! Many uses for this colorful infographic developed for the WBFI Research Foundation in cooperation with Millikin University.
  • Sales presentation
  • Shelf talker
  • POS handout
You've probably got more ideas on how you can use this. We're sharing it on our My Birdz Facebook page. Go ahead and share it on yours!

Neonicotinoids information

On the Regulatory Committee conference call on April 23, 2014 Co-Chair Doug Alderman discussed a scientific paper from the University of Florida that sheds some light on the claim by the American Birding Conservancy (ABC) about the impact of these products on our wild birds. Access the report at this link.

Rat Attraction to Wild Bird Feed & Feeders

March 2012, WBFI Headquarters received an inquiry from a member company asking for information on how to manage rat attraction to wild bird feeding stations in order to address a county prohibition of wild bird feeding. Headquarters contacted our network of scientific and academic advisors and received information to help you address this issue with your customers and the public.

The bottom line: Seeds alone (and any dry material) cannot attract rats if rats are not currently in the neighborhood.

If there are rats in the area, they are there for another food source, like garbage that's not managed properly, pet waste, outdoor pet food bowls, human-made habitat opportunities like firewood stacks or brush piles, fruit or nut trees, and standing sources of water.

Here is a short information article from the WBFI that you can use to support your discussion of this topic. Unfortunately, this is being brought up more and more frequently.
WBFI Quality Standards Program:
Join the WBFI Quality Standards Program. Enrollment is now underway. Click Here to review the details of the Program and the enrollment form.
6 Steps to turn your yard into a Sanctuary for Birds:
Are you looking for reliable information on bird feeding to include in your packaging, on your website, or for use as a mailer? Then WBFI has the piece you need! Compiled by the knowledgeable experts in the field of bird feeding, this booklet gives your customers the information they need to promote responsible feeding. WBFI is pleased to provide this brochure to WBFI members and to the industry for free in multiple formats (customization for your company is available). Click here to learn more about this important brochure.