Wild Bird Feeding Industry
Members Annual Meetings & Board of Directors

2016 annual meeting presentations:

Alicia rainwater - center for generational kinetics

Alicia didn't use slides during her presentation. The only slide she gave WBFI is the one at this link with her contact information and website. Here is what your what do your fellow WBFI members have to say about Alicia's presentation:
  • Extremely interesting and helpful - great speaker and presentation.
  • It is always good to see what the next step ahead of us is.
  • It is CRITICAL that we connect with the generations under the Baby Boomers to sustain our industry!
  • As we move forward, we need to understand how to feed all generations.
  • Very informative. Hit the real issues.
We may invite Alicia back in the future. We'll let you know if she is a general session speaker again!

2016 Consumer market research presentation

Here is the 2016 presentation from the Annual Meeting done by WBFI Research Foundation Judy Hoysak from Woodstream. 
Find more consumer research presentations from more than 10 years of WBFI Annual Meetings on the Market Research page.

Seed feeder hygiene studies, dr. todd underwood

Dr. Todd Underwood presented information on his study of bird feeder cleaning methodologies. He is sharing his 2016 Annual Meeting presentation and his published study with WBFI members. Find more Research Manuscripts here
Presentation: Seed feeder hygiene: what we know and where we need to go
Published paper: The Efficacy of Cleaning Seed Feeder with 10% Bleach Solution Wipes to Reduce Bacteria

election of officers and directors

Nominations for Board of Directors, President, and Vice-President were submitted to WBFI Headquarters during the nomination period. Nominations closed on September 15, 2016,  45 days prior to the date of the annual meeting. The slate of proposed officers and directors was announced to the WBFI membership by member Broadcast email within the 30 day time frame prior to the date for the annual meeting. Elections took place at the annual meeting on Thursday, November 10. 

Board of Directors
​Director terms are 3 years (2016 - 2019) with the option for additional terms. The Nominating Committee pays special attention to the membership category of the Director whose seat is open to ensure the fair and equitable representation of the membership categories on the WBFI Board of Directors. Directors elected in 2017 include:
  • Joe Ignoffo, Cereal Byproducts (Distributor/Multi-Regional)
  • Craig Brummell, Essex Topcrop Sales (Packer/Multi-Regional)
  • Keith Harrington, Central/Valley Bag (Associate)
  • Chris Tribolet, Hawkeye Commodities (Distributor/National)
  • Jared Froese, Scoular Canada (Packer/Multi-Regional)
  • Lois Helland, Wagner's (Packer/National)
President and Vice-President: 2-year term will be complete in 2018
President: Dave Netten, All Seasons Wild Bird Store (Retailer/Local)
Vice-President: Mike Wulf, D&D Commodities (Packer/National)

Treasurer and Secretary: 2-year term will be complete in 2017
Treasurer: Rob Mann, All Star Trading (Distributor/Multi-Regional)
Secretary: Sue Hays, Executive Director

Interested? Send an email to Sue Hays at WBFI Headquarters to place your name in nomination.