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Members Food Safety Legislation

H.R. 2751 Food Safety & Modernization Act (FSMA)

Wild bird feed is included in the food safety legislation because the legislation includes food for animals and humans.

On January 4, 2011, US President Barack Obama signed H.R. 2751 and it became law. The next step for the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has been to develop the 50 new rules, guidances, and reports required by FSMA within the 3 years specified in the law. Funding for FDA in 2011 was frozen, and 2012 was not much better, so the development of these rules and increasing the number of inspections of facilities as required in the law will be a burden for the existing staff at FDA.

WBFI members from the processor level through the packer, distributor, and retailer levels are required and expected to comply of this legislation.

Facility Registration renewals deadline for all companies required to register was December 31, 2012. Registration is free and it is online through the FDA website. Use this link to go to the FDA facility registration portal. Starting in 2012, each facility required to register must update or verify their facility registration every other year, so 2014 is the next year in which facilities should plan to review and update their registration. Information that FDA is trying to keep updated include the name of the contact person and the phone numbers and emails for contact personnel at each facility.

You will need a food category for your facility registration. Use this link to go to the FDA information on food categories.

FAQ's on Facility Registration are available here. FDA updates the information at this link from time to time. Be sure to sign up to receive updates via email from FDA when new information is posted.
Use this link to view a pdf file of the enacted legislation.

Preventive Controls (PC) for Animal Feed Released October 25, 2013

According to an FDA Guidance Document, FDA's proposed rules for Current Good Manufacturing Practices CGMP's and Preventive Controls for Food for Animals focuses on preventing problems in order to improve the safety of these products. The preventive controls provisions of the proposed rules apply to domestic and imported animal food, including pet food, animal feed, and raw materials and ingredients.

The Guidance Document goes on to state that facilities producing animal food would be required to have written plans that identify hazards, specify the steps that will be put inplact to minimize or prefent those hazards, identify monitoring procedures and record monitoring results, and specify what actions would be taken to correct problems that arise.

The proposed rule would also establish certain Current Good Manufacturing Praceices (CGMPs) that specifically address animal food.

FDA is proposing that the requirement be effective 60 days after the final rule is published in the Federal Register. The proposed rule was published on October 29, 2013, and comments are due 120 days after publication or March 1, 2013.

WBFI notes FDA is requesting comment from industry in several areas of the proposed rules. Working with other industry partners, WBFI will formulate an appropriate response for our industry and advise WBFI members so WBFI members may comment along with the WBFI.

Reportable Food Registry

In December 2009, a WBFI member received a letter from the FDA with information about the Reportable Food Registry. You may access that letter by clicking on the link below.

The Reportable Food Registry became law as soon as it was enacted in July 2009. FDA issued the first report on the utilization of the system in January 2011. The report does not offer information on specific industries using the system. You may find this report useful to you in understanding when to report an incident. Here is the link to the PDF of the report.