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2013 US & Canada Consumer Market Research Presentation

In September 2013, the WBFI Research Foundation commissioned a consumer study to understand the purchases of wild bird feed and bird feeders in the US and Canada. AYTM.com was used to conduct the research, and the report was presented by CEO Lev Mazin at the WBFI Annual Meeting on November 14, 2013. The report from the WBFI Annual Meeting is available to WBFI Members. The WBFI Research Foundation maintains ownership of the data and all reports, and asks that WBFI Members refer non-members interested in a copy of the report to Foundation Headquarters.
**SPECIAL NOTE** The WBFI Research Foundation plans to conduct research into the industry size and tonnage in 2014. This information was reported in 2012 at the WBFI Annual Meeting.
2009 Annual Meeting Statistics Update
Our thanks to Chuck Mattes with Chapin/Heath Outdoor Products for continuing his analysis of the consumer market research data the WBFI is receiving from Roy Morgan Pty. Ltd. The information in this presentation is cumulative through May 2009. Neither this slide presentation nor the data may be reproduced for non-Members without the express written permission of the WBFI (please contact WBFI Headquarters to request permission).
WBFI Commissions Special Study
In the spring of 2006, many of our member companies were reporting that their business was slow. At their spring meeting, the Board of Directors requested a special study to be performed by Roy Morgan International to see if we could identify if the cause for this slow down in business was the weather (the winter had been quite warm and there was limited snow cover) or consumer concerns with avian influenza. The results of the special study were presented at the 2006 WBFI Annual Member Meeting on Saturday, November 11, by Lori Zimmerman of Lebanon Seaboard. Her slide presentation is provided here for your information as a WBFI Member benefit. Neither this slide presentation nor the data may be reproduced for non-Members without the express written permission of WBFI (please contact WBFI Headquarters to request permission).

WBFI National consumer Market Research
WBFI is pleased to provide you with the National Consumer Market Research to help you learn about your consumers and monitor trends. Data is gathered on a national basis by Roy Morgan International in Princeton NJ. You will find the data in the spreadsheets in this section to be sorted in several ways. The basis for the sorting of the data is by US Census Region (Click Here to go to US Census Map).

To project the data, you need to use multipliers provided by Roy Morgan International to project the Roy Morgan International data to the total for the particular statistic you are projecting.

For 2006, the multiplier is 25,273
For 2005, the multiplier is 24,904
For 2004, the multiplier is 24,535
For 2003, the multiplier is 24,194
For 2002, the multiplier is 23,876

If you need any assistance with projecting or interpreting the data in the spreadsheets, please contact WBFI Headquarters at 888-839-1237 or shays@wbfi.org.
Data for the months of February 2001 and February 2002 is available in hard copy from WBFI Headquarters. There is no cost to WBFI Members to receive this information ($5.00 for postage and copying). Please contact WBFI Headquarters at shays@wbfi.org to request a copy of the February data.