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6 Steps to Turn Your Backyard into a Sanctuary for Birds

In December 2002, the industry received a wake-up call in the form of negative press printed in the Wall Street Journal right before Christmas. To address what the industry needed to do to be prepared for negative press in the future, industry representatives met in Atlanta during Birdwatch America 2003. As a result of that meeting, WBFI spearheaded a symposium of birding organizations and WBFI Board of Directors in July 2003.

During the one-day session, these industry experts from the not-for-profit or government agencies identified the key issues of which consumers should be aware to protect the birds visiting the feeders in their backyards. This brochure is available to everyone, consumers and industry, in several layouts on a special website established by the WBFI, www.backyardbirdcare.org. The copyrighted layout may be customized to include your company information; please contact WBFI Headquarters for more information on customization options.

Representatives from Cleveland MetroParks, Aurora University, and Muhlenberg College, as well as the following organizations contributed to the development of the 6 Steps brochure: American Bird Conservancy, American Birding Association, Bird Conservation Alliance, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, Massachusetts Audubon Society, National Audubon Society, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, National Wildlife Federation, The Wildlife Society, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Wild Bird Feeding Industry trade association and its members.

How Can You Help?
As a member of the industry, your business will be impacted by WBFI Standards in the future. Those companies that adhere to industry standards generally see an increase in business as consumer recognition of the standards increases because consumers want to know the quality of a product they are buying. More definitions are in development now, and these, too, will be submitted to the industry for consideration prior to adoption by the WBFI. Your involvement in the design of the WBFI Quality Standards as well as your use of the program stands to be a win-win for your company!