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About WBFI

The Wild Bird Feeding Industry is THE trade association for the wild bird and backyard wildlife feeding industry. Our members include the packagers and processors of the seeds, suets, and nectars consumed by wild birds and backyard wildlife, the manufacturers of bird feeders and backyard accessories, as well as wild bird specialty stores and other retailers. We include an Associate Member category for the industries which support our Members, such as packaging manufacturers and transportation companies.

Since its beginning in 1984, WBFI has evolved to meet the needs of the membership and the industry. The most recent addition to the WBFI member benefits is the WBFI Quality Standards Program launched in July 2006. This program is available only to WBFI members and includes a unique logo for packaging, print and website applications. Participants in the WBFI Quality Standards Program can be either Supporters or Participants. A complete list of current enrollees in the WBFI Quality Standards Program is available at this link. 

Our Members know the value they receive from their membership investment, and they know the edge their WBFI membership gives them over their competitors. WBFI keeps Members informed of activities and events impacting their business. The network available to Members adds even more value. From national consumer market research data through monthly Broadcasts, WBFI Members are enjoying the rewards of membership!

Our Mission

The Wild Bird Feeding Industry is an association dedicated to the progressive expansion of the backyard wild bird and backyard wildlife feeding industry. 
​​Adopted by action of the Board of Directors
On November 11, 2014
Naples, Florida