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6 Steps to turn your yard into a Sanctuary for Birds

How many times do we see or hear news stories concerning birds and issues that affect them like conjunctivitis, cat predation, or window strikes? While we cannot control all the forces impacting the wild birds visiting our feeders, we can be responsible custodians of our food and feeders and the feeding environment.

Your customers want to know how to take care of their bird feeding equipment to do what they can to protect wild birds visiting their feeding stations. WBFI’s new brochure 6 Steps to turn your Yard into a Sanctuary for Birds identifies for consumers the basic steps they can choose to follow to be responsible backyard birders.
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How are WBFI Members using this information?

As long as you do not edit the text or reorganize the 6 Steps, you may use the information to the benefit of your business.

Some examples of how WBFI members are using the booklet are:
Duncraft - included on this website at this link: www.duncraft.com/6steps.ihtml
D&D Commodities - Steps are in print materials and will be inserted into packages
Anderson Seed - Steps are printed on packages

Why is the 6 Steps brochure important to your business?
WBFI promotes responsible feeding. Along with this responsibility to be mindful of the products we sell, goes the all-important objective to help the person feeding the birds to have a good experience so they continue to feed birds.
In order to help our consumers to be good stewards of the birds visiting their backyards, WBFI and the not-for-profit experts in backyard wild bird feeding compiled the information consumers need in the 6 Steps brochure. As our industry comes under increased scrutiny, WBFI supports you by making this important consumer tool available to you now.

How are You using the 6 steps?

We want to hear from you!  Please send an email to info@sbfi.org to tell us how you are using the 6 Steps!